iPad, the Future of Light Painting

Joe December 2, 2011 0

ipad light paint light graffiti
Light Painting with an iPAD?! Wait did I read that correctly? You mean I don’t have to spin glow sticks and leds on strings or run around with a flashlight? Nope, it’s definitely not the most economical way to create light art but admit it, a simple game of Words With Friends on two iPhones give us a new way to play a $9.99 board game for just about $1200+ in electronics plus a data plan. But I digress.

“Making Future Magic” is the goal of Dentsu London, the creative communications agency. They shot this film to illustrate the statement.

Making Future Magic: iPad light painting from Dentsu London on Vimeo.

Working with Beeker Northam at Dentsu, using their techniques to explore how the media landscape is changing.
“… we [Dentsu] are interested in the future, but not so much in science fiction – more in possible or invisible magic.”

They interpreted that brief by exploring how surfaces and screens look and work in the world. Here they demonstrate their ubiquitous ‘glowing rectangles’ that in habit the world. Using photographic and animation techniques which allowed them to create moving 3-dimensional typography and objects. The short version of their stop-frame animation movie is shown here.

Making Future Magic: iPad light painting (short version)



They have used a literal interpretation of the ideas represented in the film. With an affinity for inventing new techniques for making media, they wish to explore characters and movement. The goal is to create and represent the physical world with light painting photography and cinematography.

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