Sitooterie II, Heatherwick Studio Sculpture Amazes

Joe October 2, 2011 0

Thomas Heatherwick is based out of Barnards Farm, Essex, UK. The National Malus Collection commissioned Heatherwick to design this permanent pavillion to decorate their grounds. The term “Sitooterie” is a Scottish term which means small building to “sit oot” in.

The cube sits 2.4 meters in each direction and consists of 5,000 long windows of light emitting material. With aerospace grade construction the cube was precision crafted from 15mm anodized aluminum and bonded together with high-strength adhesive. Each of the aluminum staves are arranged radially to an origin point at the center of the cube. This was done so that a single light source located in the central point can display light through every tube causing the windows to emit a glow.

Seating is created by elements that extend into the cube to support a machined aluminum surface.

Sitooterie is on permanent display and in 2007, was featured in a Virgin Media advertising campaign – appearing on numerous of hoardings and buses in the UK.

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