Glowing Christmas Light Painting Pictures

Joe November 22, 2011 0

Christmas is when we have extra time around the house to snap great photos of decorations. It’s also a perfect time to get creative and show off those lit up holiday decorations! There are opportunities for all of us to shoot some great light painting photos with the Christmas lights we already have! Be creative and shoot long exposures of your decorations, then move the camera or even the tree! Just don’t come blaming me for all the shattered ornaments on the floor, besides it was probably worth it. Go shoot!

Here are a few holiday inspired shots that really stood out in no particular order.

Have a Light Painted Merry Christmas Everyone!
Have a Light Painted Merry Christmas Everyone! by TxPilot

Ludicrous Tree
Ludicrous Tree by DanDeChiaro

Spinning Christmas Tree
Spinning Christmas Tree by JasonAndMelissa

Star of the tree
Star of the tree by Waterloo Fords

Christmas Light Paint
Christmas Light Paint by Ivan Siqueira

Light Painting! Christmas Tree
Light Painting! Christmas Tree by Shayne Gray

Tri-Orb by TxPilot

A Magical Christmas!
A Magical Christmas! by TxPilot

A round the Christmas Tree
A round the Christmas Tree by duane.schoon

Santa Echo
Santa Echo by duane.schoon

Use these as your christmas light painting guide!

Got any photos you would like to add? Throw a link in the comment section!

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